Plans for a Little Boy’s Nursery

Sep, 25, 2017
Modern & Vintage Green Nursery for a Boy

Nurseries are definitely one of my favorite rooms to decorate. There’s just something so sweet and innocent about them and knowing that it’s going to be where we bring our new babe home to for the first time just makes it that much more special. Since we moved when Eloise was only about 5 months old, I got to decorate for her twice. You can check out her first Boho Chic Nursery and her second Modern Chic Nursery.

Although I loved them both, I’m super excited I get to design for a boy this time around. I’ve shared a few peeks at the room and our progress on instagram but haven’t shared my design board yet. With only 5.5 weeks to go I’m definitely starting to feel a little stressed about getting this room done!


vintage nursery mood board


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I always love a dark accent wall when I see them in other people’s homes, but could never fully commit to one myself. I love all our bright, white walls, but decided to take a little risk and try something new in this space. Plus it’s only going to be half of one wall, which shouldn’t be too overwhelming.

I haven’t decided on the exact shade of green yet, but it will be something medium/darkish with a simple white board and batten treatment on the bottom half. For the middle where they both meet, I really want to create a little shelf that goes along the whole wall. We’ll obviously have to use a few pieces of wood to make it look like one long one, so we’ll see how that goes.

I found the perfect dresser on craigslist to use for the changing table. It’s not the one pictured in my mood board, but it’s got a similar feel and has lots of storage which I’m super excited about. And that rug! It’s from Swoon Rugs, which is where the rug in our bathroom is from too and I’m obsessed. It’s not typically the colors I go for, but I think it’ll be perfect in this space and is nice and masculine.

The artwork I want for above the crib is something I’m really excited about. I saw a friend on instagram who recently purchased one and I knew it would be perfect for a nursery. It’s from the shop Finch & Cotter and you give them a date, and they take an image of the night sky from that date and turn it into an art print. So I won’t have it until after this babe comes since I want it to be of the night he’s born, but I’m so excited about it!

So the actual room used to be our spare bedroom. And before we moved in, it was an office that hadn’t been used in years. So it needed some serious work. We’ve already ripped out the carpet and my FIL is just about to put in the same wood look tile that we used in our bedroom.

Once the floors are in, we can put the base back up and work on the board and batten treatment. I already painted all the other walls white (Du Jour by Valspar) and just need to decide on a green.

And as ugly as these are, I have to show you them.


bedroom makeover

putting in wood look tile in a nursery

And once the carpet was up:

wood look tile in a nursery room

subfloor before laying wood look tile

We’ve got a ways to go but once the floors are in I basically just need to decorate, which is the fun part. Be sure to follow along on instagram for some more progress along the way!



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    July 8, 2020

    A baby is a present for all of us. Your boy is coming and will be very happy with his nursery. Thank for your news

  2. Reply

    Jordan Walker

    October 17, 2019

    hi! do you have any more info on the crib? i clicked the wayfair link in the other post and it just took me to cribs in general. please let me know!

  3. Reply

    Nha dep so

    October 20, 2017

    A baby is a present for all of us. Your boy is coming and will be very happy with his nursery. Wish you and your family all the best! Cheers!

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    October 10, 2017

    So many great ideas for your new nursey. I am with you on the dark accent wall – I love them in pictures but haven’t been able to take the leap myself, yet. Looking forward to seeing how everything turns out for you! 🙂

  5. Reply


    September 26, 2017

    Hi Bre,
    How exciting to be decorating for a baby!!! I just attempted to redecorate for our little boy, who isn’t so little anymore 🙁 You mention you are going to paint part of a wall and that was one thing I did. I painted a cosy corner, which I think has worked quite well. Just wanted to mention it in case you want to look at the pictures – I always find it helps so much to see as many pictures as possible to eke out ideas. Cheerio Claire

    • Reply


      October 5, 2017

      Love how yours turned our Claire! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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