DIY Buffalo Check Napkin Pillows

Oct, 04, 2016

Raise your hand if you walk into Target to buy one thing and walk out with a cart full of stuff you didn’t need, and forgot the one thing you actually did! That’s me. Every. single. time. And I know you all can relate. And the part of the store that really gets me is the dollar spot.

So many fun little knick knacks that are so cheap, you always toss a bunch of them in your cart not thinking they’ll add up as quickly as they do.

Well the dollar spot struck again but I can justify this purchase because I was able to turn it into a blog post 😉 So let’s chat about these DIY Buffalo Check Napkin Pillows.


DIY Buffalo Check Napkin Diy

So it all started at the dollar spot when I spotted these cute buffalo check napkins. Our kitchen and dining room are far from looking blog worthy right now and I have no intention of setting a pretty table in the near future so napkins weren’t really something I needed. But pillows? I could always use more pillows. The hubby might disagree on that one 😉

I had some extra white canvas fabric I bought a while ago that would make the perfect backing to these guys. If you want, you could totally use a napkin for the front and back, but I wanted to get two pillows out of my purchase.

DIY Buffalo Check Pillows


Place your napkin on top of your backing fabric and cut a piece out that’s the same size.


Turn both fabrics so the insides are facing out and pin along the edges to hold in place.
DIY Pillows


Sew along the edge of the napkin seam on all four sides, leaving about 4 inches on the last side.
Sewing DIY Napkin Pillows
DIY Pillow Made From Napkins


Stuff with pillow fluff and then either hand sew or use your machine to sew up the hole.
DIY Buffalo Check Napkins

That’s it! In about a half hour I had two new pillows to add to my musical pillow game I play pretty much every day in our house.
Buffalo Check Napkin Pillows

For now, I have them over in my little sitting nook but who knows where they’ll end up.

Buffalo Check Napkin DIY

Buffalo Check Napkin Craft

I posted a picture of my napkins on instagram with my plans to turn them into pillows and someone informed me that Target actually sells pillows in this pattern ha. Oh well, mine were probably cheaper and it was fun to use my sewing machine for something other than headbands!

DIY Buffalo Check Napkin Pillows



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    Shelby Dillon

    March 14, 2017

    Wow, these are great really! Nice job and useful article!

  2. Reply


    October 4, 2016

    Holy smokes that is genius! Especially since I love pillows but can’t get over how pricey they are. You could totally make these removable too and switch them around whenever you feel like it. I’m totally going to Target soon!

    • Reply


      October 4, 2016

      Thanks Andi! I definitely have a pillow problem but they can be so pricey! This is definitely a cheaper option 😉 Happy napkin hunting!

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